How to Snake a Shower Drain

Noticing the water in the sink tends not to drain, it may be necessary to drill the drain. Scarification is the plumber’s snake process to clean soap residue and old hair and in the pipes. Drain The snake will collect hair and debris that clogs the drain and remove it from the pipe. Snakes can also remove major obstacles that chemical cleaners cannot break.

Buy a snake pipe, also known as a drill or sewer nail, is a long metal spiral wound at one end to be caught. The sewer snake can be manual. (In this case, you can turn the handle yourself) or electric (which you can connect to the electric drill).

A plumber’s snake, both manual and electric, should be readily available at your local hardware or home store.

Wear rubber gloves and goggles. Wear gloves before flowing. (How you use to wash dishes or clean bathrooms)Removing wet, monthly damp mats can be a daunting task, and you don’t want to risk cutting your fingers in the shower or on the snake.

Remove the shower cover. Most shower openings are protected by a round metal grille cover that prevents you from accidentally entering the drain. The drain cover can be attached by rubbing to the housing, in which case you can remove it. Otherwise, if screwed on, use a screwdriver to remove the cover.

Put the tip of the snake into the gutter. Depending on the amount of hair accumulated and the shampoo and soap that clog the drain, it may sometimes be necessary to press the snake’s tip down the drain.

Keep feeding the snake down the gutter until you start to resist.

Slowly turn the snake handle to the right. When the snake is at least a few inches down the gutter, and you feel resistance, gently release the snake cord. This will cause the snake’s tip to rotate and adhere to any hair that is blocking the drain.

Rotating the snake handle clockwise presses the drain hose deeper into the shower hose.
Keep turning the snake handle. As the snake tip moves deeper into the shower and more and more hair comes together, you will notice that the handle becomes more difficult to rotate. This is a good sign because it means the snake is cleaning the gutter.
If resistance is found, pull the snake back 2 inches (5.1 cm), then gently press it back into the gutter while turning.
Sewer charges until you feel less resistance. If you feel the snake turn more easily, it means you’ve caught and loosened it – whatever the big carpet is clogging the gutter. Turn the handle again to make sure the obstacle is fully engaged and stop turning the snake..
Be careful with snakes so as not to accidentally damage the tubes.
Turn the handle to the left and pull the snake. Rotating the snake in the opposite direction will make it easier to pull the snake out of the shower. Pull slowly and avoid pulling the snake to prevent hair from entering the drain. You could replace the drain cover if you removed it before starting to install the drain.

You can use a wet or dry vacuum to suck hair or debris. Simply hold the end of the suction hose against the drain. If you still have trouble draining the shower or bathtub, call your local plumber.

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