How to Change the Filter in Your Fridge

How to change the filter in your fridge and Where to buy the filter
The refrigerator filter must be replaced every six months or every 200 gallons of water delivered. The filter needs s replacement more frequently

Note: It is unnecessary to turn off the water flow to the refrigerator when replacing the water filter.

Removing and replacing the fridge filter

Before replacing the old filter, remember to put a cloth under the filter. This will hold the drops of water that may fall off when the filter is removed.
Hold the filter and turn it to the left, slowly pulling it under the filter head. Save the filter to reduce water leaks. (If the filter does not come out quickly, air can get trapped inside to reduce the pressure in the water dispenser, the filter should drop immediately.)

Remove and discard the plastic cover from the new filter.

Add tap water on the replacement filter.
Place the filter in the cartridge holder, aligning the arrows on the filter with the cartridge case. If there are no arrows on the handle, make sure the filter rotates forward when you insert it. Gently press the filter up to attach the top of the cartridge to the filter head.

After replacing the filter, the trapped air must be removed from the system, select Water on the distributor selector, and press the button until the Water starts to flow. The first ounces of Water can splash due to the air in the secondary filter. This is normal. Then pay 1-2 gallons of Water to make sure all air is removed from the system.

There are often instructions on replacing the filter, packaging, or inserting it into the easy-access filter. You can also search online for instructions. By mid-2016, the water filter label will include replacement instructions.

People who replace fridge filters regularly confesses that it’s:

Cost-saving: They longer have to worry about expensive bottled Water, even on special occasions, they save about 20 cents a day all year round

There is Clarity: Although they let the water filter more than 24 hours before drinking, it’s always clear.

Cleanliness: They can be sure that the filtered water does not contain particles of asbestos, like lead or mercury, and they do not risk public water sources with the taste and smell of pool chlorine!

So how do you get these benefits without paying too much? Almost all places that sell appliances will also sell the filters for your refrigerator, and if you look around, you can find some that offer discounts or coupons, while others offer low prices all the time.

Some providers offer free shipping, and if you need to replace the filter, some will refund the closed package. If in doubt, check that what you have purchased matches your refrigerator.

To find the best price on refrigerator filters, visit replacement filter dealers online or hardware’s shops online. There are great deals and will save you a lot of time following them yourself.

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